Poinsettia sale!


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Up next: Jinotega, Nicaragu

In February, our team will be returning once again to the city of Jinotega, Nicaragua to complete another week-long surgical mission. We have returned to the same area each year, so we are familiar with the hospital, the people, and the city. The best part is getting to see the patients who received surgery the previous year! Find us on Facebook for live updates!

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Save the Date!

We will be having our third annual fundraiser this year at The Lighthouse in Cedar Lake. We will be hosting a breakfast, games, a silent auction, and a Bears vs Colts viewing area!

Please mark your calendar to join us on Sunday, October 9th, 2016 at 12:00 pm! Formal invitations will be sent out in September.

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Next up: San Rafael, Nicaragua

Happy new year! We are excited to announce that we will continue our biannual surgical missions to Nicaragua this year, traveling to San Rafael and Jinotega, Nicaragua. We are excited that our dental team, Dr. Lubas and Dr. Laudando have also stayed on board for missions to Nicaragua as well. Most importantly, we begin our surgical trips to Abancay, Peru in May!

We’ve got a fun-filled year ahead of us with lots of families lives to be changed. Will you help us get there? 
Foot NevusThis little cutie has a condition called a congenital nevus. The dark skin is more likely to turn into skin cancer, so it is important that she has the area removed and skin grafts put in its place.


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Poinsettias 2015!

This year’s Poinsettias will be delivered Saturday, December 5th from 11 am- 4pm at our office, 8053 Cleveland Place, Merrillville, Indiana. Please have your orders in by Friday, November 20th to ensure we have enough!

For more information, order forms, or online purchasing, look here.

7in assorted 112312
8in Dish Garden 112312

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My Nicaragua Experience

Nick Bluhm is an 18-year-old high school senior who recently joined us on our week-long mission trip to Jinotega, Nicaragua. He has spent the last year collecting donations for Healing, Health, & Hope as a part of his Eagle Scout project. We asked him to share his experience, which we have published below:

For the last decade, I have been convinced that I wanted to be an engineer. Everything that I’ve done has been specifically geared toward that goal: I have participated in the Science Olympiad Team for the last six years, devoting my free time to competing in engineering-type events. I’ve specifically structured my classes in preparation for this career. Nothing has ever indicated to me that I might not enjoy being an engineer, but I am not so convinced that it is what I want to do with my life after spending a week in Nicaragua with this group of volunteers.

coloring wall

A few of our patients coloring on one of my donations – a 25′ coloring book

The opportunity to accompany a surgical team doesn’t come around often. For my Eagle Scout Project, I elected to help the organization Healing, Health, and Hope (HHH). They go to Central and Southern American countries and provide reconstructive surgeries for those who would otherwise not receive any medical care. The majority of their patients are children who have lived with their ailments for their entire lives, and receive few comforts. When HHH goes on their trips, they take with them toys, blankets, stuffed animals, and hygiene products to give to their patients, helping to make the hospital stay and recovery period a little easier. My project was to collect these supplies and purchase new luggage for them to transport their supplies. My project went very well and my contributions impressed HHH so much that they asked me to join them on their trip and actively participate in their organization. I, of course, couldn’t refuse the offer, so I spent the last week of this summer in Jinotega, Nicaragua working in surgery.


helping fill up medicine bottles for our patients

I don’t like using the phrase “life-changing,” as all events change our lives somehow, but I feel that it is the most apt way to describe my time in Nicaragua. I have never traveled much, and had never been on a plane before this trip, so this was incredibly enlightening for me. Sure, on TV and in books I have seen what these places look like, but nothing can capture what it’s like in real life. Seeing the country, and how other people live was certainly an informative experience; it made me value what I have much more. This, however, was more eye-opening than life-changing: I knew all of these things before seeing them myself, but seeing them drove the point home. What changed my life while in Nicaragua was working with the patients, almost exclusively young children.

Seeing what this medical team does, I’m not so sure that engineer is my only path. After spending time with one of our patients, I do know one thing for sure.

This patient was a three year old boy, who has a “giant nevus” on his back, which is essentially gigantic mole. Apart from being unsightly, a nevus has a far greater chance of becoming a malignant melanoma. Having one the size of his back isn’t very good for Nicaragua 2015-Nevushis odds. This basically means that this happy little boy, whom I’d watched smiling and playing for the last three days, might not have much longer. Because of my trip, I now know what I want to do with my life: seeing this terrible reality up-close and personal has made it clear that I want to do what I can to prevent this from happening to anyone else. I still don’t know how exactly to go about doing it – I could be a biomedical engineer, a doctor, or a surgeon. Whatever path, I want to help to make sure no one else goes through this.

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Save the Date!

Friday, September 18th will be our second annual Dinner/Golf Outing! Please come help us celebrate another great year!

golfer guy.jpgDon’t worry if you aren’t a great golfer– you wont be alone :)  Just let us know, and we can add you into a foursome of similar abilities.  Just come have fun!

Don’t golf? Also not a problem — We would love to see you at dinner!

For more information, click here.


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Jinotega, Nicaragua – February/March 2015

Sorry for the lack of updates–with 100% volunteers and no paid staff, sometimes it’s difficult to keep up online! Please find us on Facebook for details of our most recent trip to Jinotega, Nicaragua.

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Poinsettias for a Purpose

Hello again, HHH Family!

We hope this year end is finding you warm and well! Thanks to the popularity of last year’s fundraiser, we have decided to again sell poinsettias through the first few weeks of November. Please note the shorter deadline this year; forms need to be turned in by Wednesday, November 19th to have enough time to process before the December 5th deadline.


Our annual thank-you newsletter was sent out yesterday along with an order form, but if you are not on our mailing list, you can download and find out more details here: http://www.healinghealthandhope.org/fundraisers/poinsettias/
Thanks–hope to see you December 5th!


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HHH is a Top-Rated Nonprofit!

You have spoken and they listened: Healing, Health, & Hope was rated a 2014 Top NonProfit from greatnonprofits.org! If you haven’t done it yet, please rate and review us. It only takes a few minutes to sign up.

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